Is Your First Part Time Summer Job A Possibility?

When the summer is here, so is the earning time! Most students wait for the summer because they get an elongated holiday where they can work full time and save something for the time to come. You may have had the idea of buying a bicycle, probably even a car if you are old enough to drive, some books and stuff for your education etc. Anything you wish, can be made to come true by working on a part time job in summer to earn and save.

Prepare for anything 

You are still a student. Remember that you do not have any experience, except maybe working a counter at the school or a lemonade stall or something like that. When you are where you are, you have to prepare even for a “no” as an answer. When you make a list of prospective employers, remember that you will not get the first job. You might not get the second one either. You have to be equipped with a good CV, be confident and trust in yourself. Talk to an NZ CV firm and perfect it. Your presentation must be very good even for them to consider calling you in for an interview. 

Dress to win

Even if you are in your teenage years, remember to dress up properly and show up confident. When you are going for an interview, you are a prospective employee and you are going to talk to a prospective employer. You must think like an employee. Dress well. Even if you’re overdressed, when you go to the venue of the interview, if it seems too much you can take a blazer or a tie off. But if you dress low, when you go there, you cannot find a blazer or a tie in a hurry. Therefore ditch that ripped denim and collarless t-shirt; find something nice and fitting for an interview.

Be confident

Sound confident. Yes, you have a not worked anywhere nor have you had any technical or hands-on experience with selling stuff, for example, but you are confident that you can take this job on. Walk in the door and make sure they understand that you can do this. Have a firm handshake, even if you practice it beforehand that will be good. Look and sound confident to make your prospective bosses love you at the get-go. Communication is very important these days therefore be very clear and concise. Prepare a good resume with the help of professional CV writers and present it in a well-poised manner. It is you that is important here. Everyone is aware that you are looking for a summer job, with no experience or tertiary education. So, don’t worry. Believe in yourself to overcome any fear or anxiety you feel and walk right in.