How Advancement In Agriculture Have Changed Our Lives

We are living in the time of human history where the necessities are available to the majority of the population in abundance. Especially if just compare the food supply, we will be surprised that it has been increased up to 1000% in last two centuries. There has been a lot of factors that have to enable to reach this milestone. For instance, one factor in the evolutionary process of advancement is agricultural practices. The second can be the introduction of automation in agriculture. Then comes to industrialize manufacturing, which has made it possible to preserve the food to enhance its usability. But for food manufacturing, you will first need the raw materials and that will come from the farms. The biggest leap is the enhancement of yield from the soil with lesser effort and time. There has been a great stride in technological advancements. Here we will be talking about some technological advancements that have helped to increase yield in agriculture.

Automation: The crop growing has started from man. Then the man took the help of domestic

domestic animals like cows, horses or bulls for ploughing the land. Domestic animals have been the first form of automated help that man has got in the fields. But after industrialization, with the advent of engines and automobiles, there has been the introduction of agricultural vehicles to enhance productivity. Starting from tractors, cutters or pickers, there have been multiple types of machinery to increase productivity. Today, we can see the state of art types of machinery working in fields like John Deere 7760.

The John Deere 7760 in australia is one of the marvels of mechanical engineering. Though its predecessor has been performing well after the addition of John Deere 7760, there has been a significant increase in speed and reduction in time. Machines like John Deere 7760 have made cotton-picking easy. Other automated types of machinery can help to reduce the farmer’s effort. These machines can be modified as per the need of the farmer, they can easily install attachable parts to make their work easy. For instance, if you can add axle spacer in between your tractor’s wheel to increase its height. These axle spacers help the farmers to use the same tractor for a different type of crops.

Fertilizers: Natural fertilizers were good enough in the past century but due to high food demand, the natural fertilizers were not enough to cater for the requirements. The synthetic fertilizers helped to produce more crops in less time and they also help to keep land fertilized for future crops. Fertilizers have helped to grow crops in the area where it seems impossible in past to have any cultivation, the synthetic fertilizer can help to fertile the soil. For more visit here