Drain Unblockers Guide

As the title suggests, we are here to talk about how anyone can become or at least gain some knowledge when something like blockage of drain happens. Now whenever the drainage system stops working, well trust us it feels like our whole world has collapsed, it is the same feeling as you just got your car fixed and suddenly it gives up, that frustration is just too much to take in. We mean like when you are cleaning your dishes and the water is just constant, it is not going anywhere, that part right there means that something is preventing the flow of water from going through the drainage system and into the waste system. Go here for more information about plumbers. 

This drain unblockers guide will help many of you to understand what to do in the case of drain blockage.



  • Finding the drainage:


Now this is the first thing you have to do in order to find the drainage that is making the whole flow unbearable. Now the first thing is to cut off the source of power because you do not want disposal of garbage to be on. Have gloves because it is going to be messy and with it just put your hand in the drainage system. In some instances where the blockage is deep that your hands are not going in, use a type of drain camera that will help you locate the blocked area. 



  • Tools needed:


Now for drain unblockers, there are some tools that can be used so that you can at least make some progress of your own if you know how to make it all this work. Some pretty basic tools will be needed depending where the block has occurred. 

Let’s say there is a block that has occurred in the kitchen sink and the pipe that goes from the sink is straight so just use snake drain that will take care of it. In some cases the block area is just too deep or too big and when that happens either you can call a professional which is the best thing to do or in this case you have to manually figure out the block and drain the system which is quite a hassle. 

In some cases a rods can be used to clear out the drain system.



  • Drain Inspection:


Once you have figured out the blocked area and are sure enough that the blocked portion is no more, then just go ahead and use water in that are so that you can feel that water is not staying in one place. After that a camera can be used to see the end result, which will show you that has the blockage completely finished or will it need more laborious work.



  • Check for any issues:


Now then everything is set into the place, it is now time to check out that has everything cleared up or not so that you can be sure that the work you have done, was it fruitful or fruitless. Either way a camera is your best bet to be sure about the blockage.

So even if you have followed the guide to the letter and still find it confusing for drain unblockers Auckland then we recommend that you please call a professional from mrplumber.nz. We are the most experienced plumbing company that will help you in many situations.