Types Of White Boards

Whiteboards are the modified form of boards that are meant to provide visual representation to your ideas and thoughts in the written form. There used to be a time when black boards were used for this purpose but they had a rough texture which took quite some time in erasing it. Moreover; the chalk which was used to write on the blackboards left traces behind. This is the reason that people came up with the modified version of these boards known as white boards. Different types of white boards are composed of different types of materials varying from porcelain to melamine. The last finish of these whiteboards is glossy and gives a static touch which makes it quite easier to show the clearer and better results. Then there are other types of boards specifically used for different functions. These boards might vary from pin boards to mobile boards. In this article; we will be discussing about the different types of whiteboards and other such kinds of boards.

Types of whiteboards:

Now; that we have an idea about what white boards actually are and what their function is; let us discuss about the types of these white boards. There is the type of white board that is made up of porcelain and have a solid texture which makes it resistant to stains. In addition to that; this porcelain gives durability to the board. Then there are whiteboards made up of melamine; these types of boards are not that long lasting but are best if you are looking for a cheap version of a white board. The most advanced and the modified version of white boards is known as glass white board or glass magnetic white board. These white boards are added with an extra layer of tempered glass which is ten time stronger than a standard glass.  They function in a better and smoother way. Besides that; they also have the ability to let the documents stick on them with the help of a magnetic, hence; the name magnetic glass board.

Fabric pin boards:

The kind of display boards that are made up of wood / cork or foam are known as fabric pin boards. Their exterior most layers usually comprises of dark colour fabric so it presents a clearer view of whatever is pinned upon the board. This board is like a bulletin board that is meant to provide specific information to public. Any kind of document, marketing pamphlets or fashion project can be displayed on such type of boards.


We can say that whiteboards are the modified and advanced version of black boards that are meant to provide a visual representation to a person’s ideas or concepts. There are three basic types of white boards whose features vary as per the products used in their manufacturing. You can buy the best quality of whiteboards as well as fabric pin boards in australia from “Ultimate Pin boards & whiteboards”.