Getting The Right Door Hardware

Door hardware means a safe door. It is the set of accessories that ensures the perfect working of the door and at the same time keeps the things and people inside really safe. Considering the significance of the door hardware it is not easy to choose the perfect door hardware. Some key points to ponder before actually investing in the door hardware are as follows:

  1. The first thing to determine is how thick a door is. The hardware and the thickness have to be in direct proportion with one another. As per the experts the best thickness for the hardware is 1 3/8 and 1 ¾ inches for the interior and the exterior doors respectively.
  2. The hardware has to be fixed with the screws and nails, thus it is important to make the holes of the appropriate sizes in the doors. Too big would let the nails and screws come out and too small will make it tough to fix them properly. The hole diameters are different for deadbolts, levers and handle sets.
  3. In order to replace the hardware, you would be requiring a proper backset too. Take a proper look at the backset. Take the measurements and dimensions. The backset is actually the measure of the distance between the door edge and the mid of the borehole. It is a better choice to choose the hardware that can later fit into any kind of backset. It eases the users especially when he is replacing the old one with a new one. There are online and in-market sources to check the details and requirements of the backsets. You can even decide for a good one with the help of the door makers and installers.
  4. After the door thickness, hole size and the backset adjustment what assists in getting the right hardware is the configuration of the latch and the bolt. The shape of the corner would also help in determining the configuration. The two most common corners are round and square. In the different configuration either there is a plate or there is nothing around the latch and the bolt. In case you are looking for a replacement, it is important to think of the configuration. The best door hardware is the one that suits neither one nor two but actually multiple configurations at the same time.
  5. The hardware is different for different doors. It depends on the application that further decides which hardware would actually suit it. Thus, bring an expert talk to him. Show him around so that he can choose the best possible option for your doors. The door to door choice of the hardware is also different. What you need in the bedroom is not what you need in the kitchen or bathroom.