Facilities Provided By Liv Apartments

Everyone wants an apartment where they can live a peaceful and a luxurious life, because if someone goes on a trip and they book an apartment they do not rent that apartment to face all the problems, but they rent an apartment where they can for a particular time and get their minds free of stress for some time, if the apartment is maintained properly and the apartment has each and everything that is needed by a family such as cupboards, kitchens and many more things then we can consider it as a good apartment. Most of the time, the apartments are not properly maintained and people have to do some work in that apartment in order to live there. Liv Apartments are the perfect choice when you are in Sydney and you want to rent an apartment so that you can live there peacefully without any worries, our apartments are perfectly maintained and our service is too good for everyone. There are no worries of water leakage or electric circuit because our apartments are made in such a way that there is no risk of any sort of incident to happen. In our apartments, we provide you with the following facilities:

A perfect view of Haymarket:

View is everything that a person would want, because when you are stressed out, the best thing that helps you out is sitting in your gallery with a cup of coffee and enjoying the view from your apartment, this is why we offer a perfect view of Haymarket where you can enjoy the beauty and you can fill your eyes with different colours.


Laundry is also an essential part of an apartment, obviously, we will wash the clothes after wearing them and for that, you will need a laundry where you can wash your clothes, it gets very weird washing clothes in your bathroom where you bath.


Kitchen is the most important part of any house, everyone needs food and no one will order food from outside, even if they do, they will still need the kitchen for more purposes. Therefore, we provide you with a fully equipped kitchen with the best stoves so that you do not have to face any problems.


We also provide our customers with all the necessary items such as TV and DVD players so that they can enjoy our apartment and relax themselves up with our facilities.

There are more facilities and accommodation Haymarket Sydney that we provide in our apartments, you can visit our website and go through some more exciting facilities that we provide you with. We always strive to meet the expectations of our customers to build a sense of trust. Customers’ satisfaction is what matters to us. 

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